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    Please read our refund and exchange terms and accept the following items, otherwise refund or exchange request will not be accepted.


    I have read and accepted the above-stated terms and conditions. (我已細閱及同意以上條款)
    I have the official order invoice issued by MONO3 COMPANY(Not include other electronic version printed invoices). (我保有由MONO3 COMPANY發行的正式訂單收據,但不包括其他形式,如電子版列印收據) 何謂正式訂單收據?

    I confirmed that Produst(s) is NOT Non-Exchangeable and Non-Refundable categories. (我確認商品不屬於不能退換或不能交換的類別)以下商品類別不能進行退款或交換:1. 內衣類、2. 消耗品、3. 使用優惠券的商品、4. 減價商品、5.OUTLET(特賣場)商品 及 6. 預購商品。其中OUTLET(特賣場)商品的訂單及付款一經確認後,均不屬於提供退款或交換商品的服務範圍內。

    I confirmed that Product(s) has be unused, in the original undamaged packaging with all tags attached. (商品未經使用並保留完整的包裝及所有標籤或吊牌)鞋類商品請額外注意鞋盒的外觀程度,尤其在寄回退件時必需要求把商品放進速遞袋裡 或 其他避免盒身受到損毀的可行方法。如經我們檢收後發現鞋盒不達標準(如鞋盒出現缺角、撕裂或盒身貼上封口膠紙等情況),我們會把之後為您更換的商品取代成你退貨時的鞋盒 或 在退款時扣起商品價值的10%金額作修復或更換鞋盒之費用。

    I request refund or exchange in 5 days from delivered date. (我在收到商品後 5 天內提出退款或交換要求)
    I verify that the above information is accurate. Application cannot be processed because of missing or incorrect information and we assume no responsibility. (我確認以上資料正確無誤,如有錯誤,申請手續將無法處理,而我們不承擔任何責任)
    In case of any dispute, MONO3 COMPANY reserves the right to make the final decision. (如有任何爭議,MONO3 COMPANY保留最終決定權)